“In 1996 I began to make pictures of my hometown in Southern California. A beach town, it offered photogenic attractions like sunsets and “views,” but these weren’t what drew me. Instead, I chose as my subjects details of the suburbia in which I had grown up, apartments, facades, backyards, bits of parks and schools, as well as odd, anonymous objects–railings, fences, electric meters….I photographed these methodically from a tripod onto black-and-white film, a wordless man bent over the camera framing images of a retaining wall or ground littered with eucalyptus leaves.”      from Vista Del Mar

I’ve now been photographing Southern California, especially the southern end of the Santa Monica Bay, for over 20 years. I’ve always loved the compelling, cool gray quality of the area, and the intriguing emptiness and silence of its intimate landscapes. Here are some samples.